Valiant Hearts

I forgot to talk about Valiant Hearts! How could I forget? I worked on it for 9 months, the game had a lot of good reviews, we earn lots of rewards and I forgot to talk about it. And most of all, it was a real pleasure to contribute to such a beautiful project.

How I ended up making a PHP framework

I used to talk very rarely about my works. But I'm making games and some other things that not a lot of people do, so maybe I have some interesting things to share, maybe ;)
You read it in my title, I made a php framework. But at the beginning I wanted to make an iOS game! So what happens? A lot of things.

Rayman Legends around the world!

Since mid-october Rayman Legends is out in Japan, published by Nintendo itself, with a new cover. We worked directly with Nintendo for this version, and it was very interesting to see how perfectionist they are.

Mario & Luigi costumes in Rayman Legends

Announced today, Mario & Luigi costumes will be available in the WiiU version of the game. As a Nintendo fan I'm very proud of that. Next time, we'll maybe have the real Mario & Luigi as guests ;)

Rayman Legends Challenge App is out now on WiiU!

A quick news about Rayman Legends. The Challenge App is now available for free on the WiiU eShop. It offers three levels from the Story Mode, and the Online Challenge mode with at least one new challenge every day.