The Terrible Twos: introduction

Today I wanted to talk to you about an unknown band called The Terrible Twos. It's when the leader of a Punk rock band makes clever music for kids. Intriguing, isn't it?

Ok Go: more than a band!

Ok Go it's not just a band making crazy videos, that's good music too. But the videos are so good, take a look at this one!

Red Steel: You suck!

Smetimes you make good ad, and sometimes you wonder why this ad have been done...

Rock en Seine 2006

The 24 and 25 August was held in Paris (Parc de St Cloud) the 4th Festival "Rock en Seine". This year Radiohead was the last big show, and it was sold out in two days to see the second and last concert of the year given by the British group. Here's my little summary ...

Kitchen Frenzy: the making of a tasty game

Here is the story of the creation of Kitchen Frenzy. I could have done a Post Mortem, but I prefer to tell you chronologically what happened in this beautiful adventure!