Pecha Kucha: User Generated Content on consoles

Several years ago I was about to work on a game with some UGC (User Generated Content) features. So i started to take a look at what other game developers have done by the past on consoles. The purpose was to take some ideas and mainly best practices.
This article is just a list of interesting UGC things, not an analysis. However I added a short opinion at the end.

Pecha Kucha: Coop games

Two years ago I worked on the coop part of Tintin the video game, and i made a Pecha Kucha to sum up all the different kind of coop mode that exist in games. Let's convert it to an article!

Rocksmith: reduce latency and increase fun

Rocksmith, the real guitar game from Ubisoft, is available in France since the middle of this week. 'Cos I'm a guitar player since a long time (but for fun, I'm not that good), I bought the game to see how good it is.

Rayman Jungle Run on iOS & Android

Rayman is coming on iOS and Android. It's based on Rayman Origins and has been developed by Pastagames with a big help of Ubisoft Montpellier, especially for the game & level design: a big part of the levels has been done by the Rayman Origins's level design team, and i've made several maps too.

Rayman Legends Gamescom Edition

Hello everyone, Rayman Legends has been shown at the Gamescom event (Cologne, Germany) this week.