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Valiant Hearts

I forgot to talk about Valiant Hearts! How could I forget? I worked on it for 9 months, the game had a lot of good reviews, we earn lots of rewards and I forgot to talk about it. And most of all, it was a real pleasure to contribute to such a beautiful project.

Rayman Jungle Run on iOS & Android

Rayman is coming on iOS and Android. It's based on Rayman Origins and has been developed by Pastagames with a big help of Ubisoft Montpellier, especially for the game & level design: a big part of the levels has been done by the Rayman Origins's level design team, and i've made several maps too.

The Adventures of Tintin: The Coop in the reviews

As you may know, I worked on Tintin, the game from the Spielberg/Jackson movie. I was in charge of the coop mode known as the "Tintin & Haddock: Haddock's dreams" mode: I designed the overall rules with the Game Director, defined the content of the 20 levels and done some levels too.

Ubi TV Show #6: Red Steel 2

For this E3 Ubisoft has released some kind of TV Shows about its lineup with interviews of developers, trailers and ingame demo. The TV Show #6 is about Red Steel 2 and you can see Jason Vandenberghe, Crative Director, Roman Campos-Oriola, Lead Game Designer, and Stephane Bachelet, Art Director, talking about the game.

Red Steel: The making of the level Russian Waste

I worked on the first level we play when we go to Japan, the waste processing plant. And I wanted to explain myself on the choices I made that resulted in what can be found in the game.