Valiant Hearts

I forgot to talk about Valiant Hearts! How could I forget? I worked on it for 9 months, the game had a lot of good reviews, we earn lots of rewards and I forgot to talk about it. And most of all, it was a real pleasure to contribute to such a beautiful project.
I worked mainly on melting the characters' purposes with the gameplay objectives. The aim was to enhance the emotional implication of the player. I've also made several benchmark's maps & puzzles during preproduction, and was responsible of the first half of the game during the last phase of the production.

The final result is not perfect, and I think we missed the opportunity to do something original (it looks like to much to a video game to me), but if you like beautiful stories and History you will love it for sure!

Valiant Hearts is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC digital markets for 15 dollars/euros. Also available on iOS and soon on Android.

And I wanted to share with you a beautiful but "spoiler alert" video showing youtubers reactions in front of the game's end.

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