Released sept 2003
internship at OPO
Lead Game Designer

Underground City is a project done at OPO. The idea was to make a playable prototype of a GTA-like with Virtools (3D engine) in two months. The first month we were three: a 2D/3D artist, a game designer and me. The next month a programmer helped us for the opponent car ai of the race mission, and a senior artists helped us to fill the map with interesting places.
The prototype show one mission, the race against the punk fellas. We could drive a car through all the map, going to the cafe to take the mission and reaching the moutain to start the race (the classic GTA mission system).

Gameplay video
Watch the Gameplay video: I can't put the playable demo online because of the Virtools plugin that doesn't work correctly anymore with this game. So I've captured this video.

I worked as a Lead Game Designer by defining the content of the prototype, the gameplay rules, the user interface and the map structure. I also gave an hand on other aspects by doing some 3D assets and programming the missions, the map overlay and the car damages in Virtools.