Released march 2010 on Nintendo Wii
Developed by Ubisoft Paris
Senior Level Designer during 16 months (sept 2008-dec 2009)

Red Steel 2 is played in a first-person perspective where players can alternate between shooting and sword fighting. Players are able to fight up to six enemies on-screen, though enemy packs can go up to twenty, and can deflect opponents' bullets with their swords. As the player progresses through the main missions (which progress the storyline), new techniques, armor and weapons become available for purchase or earning,(these can also be upgraded later, also by spending) while additional side missions are available to play, earning the player a monetary reward for their completion. Red Steel 2 is the very first game (besides Wii Sports Resorts) to use the Wii Motion Plus Accessory. The game features an expansive amount of movement with the Wii Motion Plus allowing it to be quite an interactive game. (wikipedia)

My work
I worked on two versions of the game. The first one was the direct follow-up of Red Steel, and I worked on it between september 2007 and december 2008 (16 months). We pushed the game to the alpha state when it was stopped.
Later I worked again on a new version of Red Steel 2, the one that came out, that had to use the Wii Motion Plus:

  • I was design owner of a hub level (non-linear missions) linked to three linear maps.
  • I've also helped defining the game by making lots of prototypes and created processes and guidelines documentations.