Mar 2006 - Oct 2006 | Ubisoft Paris, France
Level Designer

RedSteel was a pretty exciting project. The first FPS of the Wii and its new �revolutionary� controller. We all thought that this controller was very near the keyboard/mouse combo and that we could make console FPS looks like PC FPS.
That was pretty false and the wiimote is finally a third kind of controller with the pad and the keyboard/mouse. That was perhaps the biggest mistake done by the design team on Red Steel.
With that, this project combined lots of difficulties : A new hardware, a new controller, a new dev team and a very short timing. Finally what has been done isn't really a good game, but in my opinion it's a pretty cool result compare to the circumstances.

My work
Design of one level: Defined the entire walkthrough, tuned the gameplay�s elements and narrative events.
Making of two levels: Built level�s architecture, npc�s paths, scripting events (npc reinforcements, events, etc), difficulty and rythm tuning.
Debug: on my levels and some other levels too.

For more details on my work, I wrote a making of (in french) about the conception of the level I�ve done and these two videos : Mission 7 [video=files/games/12_0/redsteel_p01.flv,12a,720,576,Mission 7 - Part 1]Part 1[/video] & [video=files/games/12_0/redsteel_p02.flv,12a,720,576,Mission 7 - Part 2]Part 2[/video].

[video=files/games/12_0/Katana_Fake.flv,12b,720,404,Red Steel Fake Footage]Responsive image[/video] [video=files/games/12_0/onstage_demo.flv,12b,640,480,E3 2006 Nintendo Conference Demo]Responsive image[/video] [video=files/games/12_0/gt_interview.flv,12b,640,360,E3 2006 Eric Cousian (Level Designer) interview]Responsive image[/video] [video=files/games/12_0/ign_coverage.flv,12b,640,360,Red Steel IGN Coverage]Responsive image[/video] [video=files/games/12_0/trailer_2.flv,12b,720,404,Red Steel Trailer 2]Responsive image[/video] [video=files/games/12_0/multiplayer_trailer.flv,12b,640,480,Red Steel Multiplayer Trailer]Responsive image[/video] [video=files/games/12_0/gametrailer_review.flv,12b,640,360,Gametrailers Red Steel Review]Responsive image[/video] [video=files/games/12_0/redsteel_p01.flv,12b,720,576,Mission 7 - Part 1]Responsive image[/video] [video=files/games/12_0/redsteel_p02.flv,12b,720,576,Mission 7 - Part 2]Responsive image[/video]


Additional informations
Making of a level: I've wrote a making of with lots of screenshots and artworks about my main work on Red Steel.
Team at work pictures: Pictures has been took at the Ubisoft Paris studio. You can see the team working on Red Steel.