Released dec 2006 on Wii
Developed by Ubisoft Paris, France
Level Designer during 8 months (mar-oct 2006)

Red Steel is a first-person shooter video game that takes advantage of Wii's motion-sensitive controller, along with the Nunchuk attachment, to control a katana and a firearm. There's a story mode with 6+ hours of gameplay and a split-screen multiplayer mode with traditional deathmatches.

My work

  • Design owner of the Mission #7: Defined the entire walkthrough, the layout in Unreal, tuned the gameplay's elements and narrative events. For more details you can read the making of with lots of screenshots and artworks about my work. You can look also at the Mission 7 Part 1 and Mission 7 part 2 videos.
  • Help designing and debugging two other levels.



RedSteel was a pretty exciting project. The first FPS of the Wii and its new "revolutionary" controller. We all thought that this controller was very near the keyboard/mouse combo and that we could make console FPS looks like PC FPS.
That was pretty false and the wiimote is finally a third kind of controller with the pad and the keyboard/mouse. That was perhaps the biggest mistake done by the design team on Red Steel.
With that, this project combined lots of difficulties : A new hardware, a new controller, a new dev team and a very short timing. Finally what has been done isn't really a good game, but in my opinion it's a pretty cool result compare to the circumstances.