Released oct 2008 on Wii
Developed by Ubisoft Paris, France
Lead Content Level Designer during 8 months (dec 2007-sept 2008)

In this third installment of the Rabbids series, the Rabbids take control of Rayman's TV station and monopolize their transmissions during a whole week. Each day of this week contains a different set of minigames, and some of them make use of the Wii Balance Board. All the minigames follow the TV theme, being based on films, fitness programs, gardening programs and all sorts of shows. The "ads" are present in the form of microgames which appear randomly during gameplay, lasting only a few seconds. Clearing a microgame awards a bonus to the winning player. The game allows up to 8 players in turn based mode. This is the last Rabbids game to feature Rayman. For the first time in the series, there are some "Level Design" minigames where you control rabbids through levels.

My work
I was in charge of the "level design" minigames as Lead Content Level Designer, and do the level design of two of them. The idea with the LD minigames was to create a simple minigame and to develop it through several levels.

Beestie Boarding
It's the first game shown at the Ubi Days 2008. You play a rabbid going down a snowy mountain on a gnu. To obtain the best score you must go fast, use well the boost ability, go through all the gates and take all the ramps to make crazy moves in the air. There is a lot of shortcuts in the 4 tracks. By taking the shortcut you can go faster to the finish line, but it will be more difficult to take the gates.
Click for the video: Beestie Boarding 1
Click for the video: Beestie Boarding 2

Monster Tractors
Another racing game, but this time to take control of a big tractor and put a bug mess in a bike race. Your aim is to reach the finish line in the first place (you start at the last place) and to hit most of the opponents racers to gain bonus points. The controls are similar to Mario Kart and you can use the Mario Kart Wheel too! If you have the Wii Fit Balance Board you can use it for the brake and acceleration pedal.
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Incredible but stupid (Incroyable mais pas vrai)
To creates the biggest world's stunt you'll be thrown in space on a ironing board. You play the rabbid on the ironing board and must go through all the rings. There are 3 levels, each of them are devided in 3 acts. At the end of each act (except the last) you must chose the right or left path (easy or hard path). If you take the easy path, there are fewer rings and they are easier to take. If you take all the rings in the easier path you can make a better score than if you take only half of the rings in the harder path. This kind of strategy is interesting if you play against some friends.
The funny side of this game if the "fart" boost and if you jump out of the Balance Board during the game.
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Mega Balls (Le tirage de boules)
In this old school platformer you play rabbids in loto balls. You must go through the level and take all the bonuses. This game is funnier if you play with 3 of your friends and fight each other for the score.
The controls are simple: You use the nunchuk to go left and right, and down movement with the wiimote to make the ball bouncing.
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Cult Movies
The FPS minigames are back, but the rules have changed. This time the rabbids shoots movies but some stupid raddids are not wearing the right costume. You must shoot these rabbids and try to avoid the rabbids wearing the right costume.
There are five movies to play in three different atmospheres.
You can play this game up to four, and a combo mechanism make the single play interesting.
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