Released feb 2003
Supinfocom school project
Game director & main programmer

New York Diaries is a school project done at the Supinfocom school in january/february 2003. The big idea was to create a solo adventure game where npc are played by online players. It will bring you in a huge quest through New York searching for the truth and discovering the real identity of the hero.
It was supposed to be an online multiplayer adventure game where you must choose to play the hero or one of his spirits. If you play the hero it will looks like a classical solo adventure game except that the spirits are played by other players (or AI if offline). If you play the spirits you will be connected to a game created by a player wanted to play the hero.
So it's a "fighting" game between the hero and his mind spirits played by other players. The hero must realize one objective in every game level, and the spirits must failled him. And there are two endings at the end of each level if the hero achieve or fail, changing the story.
Finally I didn't have time to put the hero/spirit gameplay in the prototype. But in the paper it was fun :)

I can't put the playable demo online because of the Virtools plugin that doesn't work correctly anymore with my game. So I've captured these two videos:
- Player gameplay video
- Spirits gameplay video

I've worked on the game concept, the storyline, gameplay & rules, user interface, ... everything! I've made a lots of search on the web to do a realistic model of New York. I've chosen the most interesting places for the game levels. I've also made in 3D in 3D Studio Max the Station Quare area you can see on the demo on my own. I've modeled all the objects and done all the textures. Moreover, I've coded all the demo with Virtools. I've also coded the LAN network script of multiplayer.

Other works

Game features
An online multiplayer game with a story: Play up to 10 and discover the real story of the hero.
A storyline with multiple junctions: Each mission has two endings according to players actions.
A gameplay based on confrontation: Enter in the hero's skin and fight your bad spirits played by the other players. Or play the spirits trying to bring down the hero in his dark side.
A suffocated atmosphere: The New York shown is the one seen through the hero's eye: dark, dirty and disconcerting.
A realistic New York: The most well-known areas of the town have been build-up in the game.