2002 | Supinfocom End-year project | Game director & Main programmer

Kael ou la maison des rêves (Kael or the dream's house) is a project of an online action-rpg where players can have an influenve on the storyline. We made a demo that looks like the first episode. This projet was done with Mathieu Jacob at Supinfocom School in two months.

My work
Game Design: Defining game concept and level design with my partner.
Ingame animations: Animating all the ingame characters with Flash and a graphic tablet.
Programming: Coding the entire game engine in Flash and the gameplay.

Responsive imageAward: Kael ou la maison des rêves win the Best Flash Game Award at the Flash Festival 2003 at Paris. See the winners of the 2003' edition

Playable Demo
You can [htm=http://www.cedricbarthez.fr/kael/intro.html,,540,390,Kael]play the Demo here[/htm] (use Flash plugin) or you can see [video=files/games/7_0/kael.flv,,540,390,Kael ou la maison des rêves]the video[/video] of the game in case the flash demo doesn't work on your computer.