Released june 2002
Supinfocom first-year end project
Game director & main programmer

Kael ou la maison des rêves (Kael or the house of dreams) is an online action-rpg project where players can have an influenve on the storyline. We made a demo that looks like the first episode. This projet was done with Mathieu Jacob at Supinfocom School in two months.

I defined the game concept and the level design with my partner, animated all ingame characters with Flash and a graphic tablet, and coded the entire game engine and the gameplay in Flash (action script).

You can play the Demo here (use Flash plugin) or you can see the video of the game in case the flash demo doesn't work on your computer.

Responsive imageAward: Kael ou la maison des rêves win the Best Flash Game Award at the Flash Festival 2003 at Paris. See the winners of the 2003' edition