2004 | Personal project | Designer

Hit'n'Run is a racing game made in Virtools during my days off in january 2004. It's pushing you in the middle of an incredible racing race! Prove you ability in different weather conditions: day, night or foggy.

Gameplay video
� [video=files/games/6_0/hitnrun.flv,,640,480,Hit n Run gameplay video]Game video[/video]: I can't put online the playable demo because of the Virtools plugin that doesn't work correctly anymore with my game. So I've captured this video.

My involvement
� Concept, Level Design: I've defined the concept (it was not so difficult) and realize the map's track.
� 3D models: I've made the Track's 3d model on 3ds max and all the textures with Photoshop (track & cars).
� Scripting: I've done all the scripts in Virtools (gameplay, car physic model, ...) except the AI script.

Game features
� Different type of car body: Stronger than NFS Underground, lots of incredibles carbodies.
� Lots of climatic settings: By day, night or fog, could you be the ultimate champion?
� One lonely track: Yes, I did it ! The first ever game with only one track ! Isn't it crazy?
� A clever AI: I've tried to put a more-stupid-than-you AI, but it fails...
� An immersive sounding atmosphere: A new acoustic system so innovative that makes people have the feeling to ear no sound.