Released june 2003
Supinfocom school project
Game design & programmer

It's an online community concept where elements surrounding players evolving according to theirs actions. Everything evolves: Avatars, seasons and universe. Also players have to allied to give evolution the direction they want.
It's a school project done at the Supinfocom school with two other students.

I've worked on the universe and the main concept. I've also done some 3d models, textures (3ds max, Photoshop), as well as the interface design (Illustrator). And I've coded all the gameplay, mini-games and network scripts (use of Virtools server).

The Gameplay video: I can't put online the playable demo because of the Virtools plugin that doesn't work correctly anymore with my game. So I've captured this video.

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Old stuffs

Proposals made by me for the artistic direction. It wasn't chosen by my teammates.

Game features
An online community: Connect, choose your avatar and make friends in this fantastic universe.
Colors as money item: Collect colors to change the season or to make it going on. But the effort must be collective, otherwise the season will die. Colors can be used to buy lots of things too (clothes for your avatar, ...).
A new social dimension: If you don't want to see the season diing, you will have to use your colors advisedly.
An evolving universe: This universe will evolve according to connected's desires. They will control the seasons, and the universe expansion too.
Lots of mini-games: In accordance with seasons, play with a lots of mini-games with/against other players.
An unique graphic style: Explore a visual universe never seen before.