Released march 2006
Monte Cristo Paris, France
Game Designer (Jun 2005 - Dec 2005)

City Life is a city builder made by Monte Cristo Games for the PC. The player creates his own city and has to manage it. Instead of Sim City, he must take care to the citizens divided into 6 differents cultures with their own needs.

I've worked on it during 6 months between june and december 2005 as a Game Designer and Level Designer. I've arrived during the preproduction and leaved just before the end of debug. At the end of preproduction, I've mainly worked on the last design changes, especially the feature of the 6 cultures.
I've also rebuilt the User Interface from scratch by doing Photoshop mockup for the User Interface Art Designer and specs of it for the programmers.
During the production I've made half of the game maps. At the end of production, I've tuned the game difficulty by setting costs and effects of buidings with a big Excel file.

Additional informations
French Official website:
The credits: the complete credits and the team in picture.

Press reviews - 8/10
Yes, Maxis could do a lot worse than ponder the example of City Life. The relative simplicity, the choice of structured or freeform play, the ability to mingle with your populace: it's all very successful. If Monte Cristo could just turn the volume up a fraction on the interesting social conflict dimension, and add a few extra building models to make skylines a bit more varied, their game would be angling for one of those strange upside-down sixes that occasionally appear at the bottom of these reviews. - 15/20
Les amateurs du genre peuvent foncer les yeux fermés. City Life nous offre presque un sans faute et apporte un renouveau total dans les simulations urbaines. On aimerait autant d'audace dans tous les jeux de gestion. - 14/20
Délaissant un peu le coté financier et l'exhaustivité d'un Sim City pour se tourner vers les problèmes d'entente entre communautés, City Life saura convaincre les amateurs de gestion et les novices grace à sa réalisation efficace et à son interface intuitive. Bref, voilà donc un titre que l'on peut aisément recommander.