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Olly Moss's Video Game Classics

Olly Moss, an english designer, have redesigned covers for some of his favourite video games, based on the classic Penguin Books. The result is interesting, and it's a great practice to sum up a game to its simplest expression. A good opportunity to say that the best games are the one that can be sum up with the less sentences.

A visit at the french Festival du Jeu Vidéo

I visit the Festival of Video Games that took place in Paris two days ago with my camera. As a young Spielberg, I made a fantastic video ;)

Game Developers Conference Paris 2008

What a great news to have not far from home a Game Developers Conference! I've always been frustated to not have been gone to the San Franscisco GDC and to see a conference of Will Wright, of the guys from Valve or other great developers. This time the GDC takes place in France, and even if it's not so big than the San Francisco GDC, it's already a good start.