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Pecha Kucha: User Generated Content on consoles

Several years ago I was about to work on a game with some UGC (User Generated Content) features. So i started to take a look at what other game developers have done by the past on consoles. The purpose was to take some ideas and mainly best practices.
This article is just a list of interesting UGC things, not an analysis. However I added a short opinion at the end.

Pecha Kucha: Coop games

Two years ago I worked on the coop part of Tintin the video game, and i made a Pecha Kucha to sum up all the different kind of coop mode that exist in games. Let's convert it to an article!

What can we learn from Mobile User Interface Design?

Since several month, I'm working on a iPhone App. So, I started to analyze by myself Mobile App to define the best practices/golden rules I should follow.
I looked also for articles on the web, and I've found an interesting one written by Selma Zafar and titled Introduction to Mobile User Interface Design. What surprise me is that the main ui design principles can be apply to game design too and game processes. So let's see what we can learn from it.

Too much buttons on the SNES pad ?

It's always fun to read old video game magazines and see what the journalists was thinking about games & hardware at that time.
Recently I hang out on, a french website that host lots of scan of old french magazines. The first video game magazine in France was Tilt in 1982, and it was talking about games, computers, consoles, softwares, ...

Some words about... Forza Motorsport 3

I'm curently playing Forza 3 Ultimate Edition. I like racing games and played a lot of them since Formula One & Gran Turismo on Playstation. This Forza 3 is for me the best racing game but it doesn't mean that it's perfect.

Tutorials works better in video

Recently I've bought Super Mario Galaxy 2 (incredible game!) and I was surprised to see that the game was sold with an "How to play" DVD. It explains all the basics the new player need to know and some advanced technics.
This DVD reminds me a thought I had about the fact that watching a tutorial can be better than playing it. Why? I'll try to explain.

Game Developers Conference Paris 2008

What a great news to have not far from home a Game Developers Conference! I've always been frustated to not have been gone to the San Franscisco GDC and to see a conference of Will Wright, of the guys from Valve or other great developers. This time the GDC takes place in France, and even if it's not so big than the San Francisco GDC, it's already a good start.