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Pix'n Love goes international!

Since several years I'm a big fan of all the books published by the Pix'n Love Editions. It's surely the most interesting books about video games and vg's creators, and it was a really chance to be French and being able to order and read these books. Today Pix'n Love Editions has found Pix'n Love Publishing that will publish their most interesting books in english.

Geoff Emerick: My life recording The Beatles

I'm a real big fan of the Beatles (but who don't ?). And I've always been fustrated since so long by all the documentaries about them. They always talk too much about the Beatles mania than the creating process in the studios. This book unveils the beatles work in the studios. Very interesting !

Nintendo history vol.1, Pix'n'love editions

Pix'n Love editions have just published the first volume of a 7 volume books about the Nintendo story. This first volume talks about the beginning from the first years where Nintendo creates cards games, to the early 80's just before the Game'n'Watchs.