Geoff Emerick: My life recording The Beatles

I'm a real big fan of the Beatles (but who don't ?). And I've always been fustrated since so long by all the documentaries about them. They always talk too much about the Beatles mania than the creating process in the studios. This book unveils the beatles work in the studios. Very interesting !

Geoff Emerick worked as an audio engineer at the Emi London Studios during the 60's (before it was renamed Abbey Road). He worked luckily (and surely because he was a good engineer) with the Beatles on the Revolver, Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road sessions as their main audio engineer, and give a hand on the White Album and Magical Mystery Tour sessions.
In this book, he shares a lots of memories and many anecdotes. Every song recording is explain with a lot of details: how they worked, who play what, how the microphones were used and placed to create always a different sound, ...

What's most incredible after reading this book is to realize that the Beatles songs and sound are better than lots of actual rock band that use modern device (computers, pro-tools, ...).

A must read !

Responsive image Geoff Emerick with Paul and George.

Responsive image
Responsive image The devices they used at that time.


Georg // October 19, 2018 - 11:17
Great Book! But on the picture above, this is not Geoff Emereick, it´s Ken Scott with Paul and George , during the White Album - Sessions!

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