Rayman Jungle Run on iOS & Android

Rayman is coming on iOS and Android. It's based on Rayman Origins and has been developed by Pastagames with a big help of Ubisoft Montpellier, especially for the game & level design: a big part of the levels has been done by the Rayman Origins's level design team, and i've made several maps too.
This version of Rayman is peculiarly designed for the touch controls. We didn't want to use a virtual gamepad that makes touch games not very pleasant to play. We wanted to make something very simple, that use only one or two screen buttons, and that would be playable by everyone, even those who haven't played Rayman Origins and are not very into platformer games. That doesn't mean that the game is easy and simple: Rayman keep all his abilities (jump, punch, kick, hairlico, wall run) and the 40+ levels has lots of short cuts and hidden collectable items. It will not be easy to reach the 100% of completion, even for gamers.

The game will be available for 2,39 euros (same in dollars i think) on september 20th. And if i could recommend you a version, i would be the new iPad one that looks gorgeous on the retina screen at 60fps. Click to look at some videos.

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