Nintendo history vol.1, Pix'n'love editions

Pix'n Love editions have just published the first volume of a 7 volume books about the Nintendo story. This first volume talks about the beginning from the first years where Nintendo creates cards games, to the early 80's just before the Game'n'Watchs.

It's very fascinating with lots of surprising things like the Lego-like toys or the fact that Nintendo was doing arcade games like Sega or Taito before doing home games.
But what is really interesting is the Nintendo philosophy we can see through that book: They make toys! Since the beginning to the Wii, the Wiimote, the wii Wheel, the Wii Balance Board, they makes toys!
Sometimes we forget that video games are just toys or games to have fun. Nintendo have not forgotten that.

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The toys they done in the 70's like the Love Tester in the right page

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The Lego-like toys!

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