My 2011 year

Games i've played, music i've listened to or movies i've seen in 2011...
Illustration pictures can be seen below, from left to right, up to down :
Farewell Continental - Hey, Hey Pioneers!: Side project of Justin Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack). A beautiful surprise and the best record i've heard this year.
Switchfoot - Vice Verses: The eighth studio album by this American alternative rock band is their best.
Driver San Francisco: This game is the answer to the question How to make a cool racing game in an open world.
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol: The new action film benchmark. Good job Brad Bird (The Indestructibles, Ratatouille) !.
Zelda Skyward Sword: When Nintendo teach you how to make a clever level design. However, the formula will need to be changed for the next one.
The Electric Light Orchestra: This year i've discovered an old 70's band that rocks. So much better than most ot the actual music.
Mario Kart 7: The best Mario Kart ever.
Portal 2: if Pixar were making video games it could look like this one.
Nintendo 3DS: Few games but good nintendo games, and the 3D will makes you cooler.

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