Game Dev Story: How to make a cool game dev studio

I don't play a lot on iphone. I had to admit that i don't like the touch controls, especially for classic games. But for games built with that limitation in mind it's ok and sometimes fun.
Last week was the first time I spend a complete afternoon on an iphone game. That game is Game Dev Story, the game that offers you to manage your own game dev studio. You choose who to hire, what game to make among dozens of game type, on which platform and how to promote it.
Don't expect a full simulation it's a pretty simple game, but that's what make this game so fun. For example, you can choose to go to an annual big game show with a simple booth or with babes, or even better, a superstar. Each year you go to an Award ceremony where the best game are rewarded, and sometimes you're invited by the manufacturers to see their new hardware. But before developping on a new hardware you will have to buy an expensive licence :)

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Now let's talk about my studio: Bullshit Soft.
I made 43 games in 18 genres. My top sale game is Time Quest 2 an Action RPG about Time Travel on PlayStatus (7,348,708 units and 34/40 by the reviewers).
But beyond the numbers of game for gamers (Super Race, Time Quest, Ninja Shot XXL, Ninja Legend, Ninja RPG, Space War, ...) my studio is capable of making games like Learn Train an educational game about trains (4M units), History an Historical Audio Novel on PlayStatus (1.5M) and CosPLAY a music game about cosplay... don't ask me what is all about :)

If you're a big video game fan, you will love this game and spend several hours on it to create dozens of games and try to be the bigger studio in the world.

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